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Accord Alternate Typeface Design Accord Alternate font with 7 different weight Accord Alternate font Character Set Purchase font on Myfont.com or FontSpring.com
Purchase Accord Alternate from FontSpring.com Purchase Accord Alternate from MyFonts.com
Accord Alternate font family comes with an appeal for simplicity which is the hallmark of corporate typeface. This quality convey notions of authority, credibility, and neutrality that reinforce the image of the corporate environment. Characters like f, l, t and y in the lowercase makes the typeface stand apart from the common league, it makes the type more desirable for branding and corporate identity. Accord Alternate has a optical uniform stroke weight and character width, which result in formal simplicity and neutrality thats helps communicate the corporate sense professionalism.

Details of Accord font eliminated to create Accord Alternate font It is a companion of Accord which comes with some modification in the lowercase of Accord character set. The details which are not visible in the small size text generally in the screen have been eliminated in the Accord Alternate, which gives the type a contemporary sans serif look. It even increases the size of counters in letterform, which result in increased readability.

Featured at following websites:
Have been MyFonts Rising Star for June 2010.
Font of the week at TYPO Magazine
An Article was published at Page Online Magazine
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